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The perception of wordpress is that it is slower than a natively coded website, well the truth is that it might be a slight bit slower but in some cases there is a massive difference between what speeds you should be achieving & what speeds you really are achieving.

We have just finished a project for Jones Business Solutions where we built a new web presence from the ground up, we met the client in their workplace to get a feel for the brand & the environment that they are operating in. Once we got a feel for the company we can then better understand how we need to portray them to their desired audience.


We develop a sitemap of the website so that not only can we design web pages but also so google will understand the structure of the website when it comes to index it.


We go back to the pencil & paper (well a digital version at least) and draft wireframe drawings for the structure of the website. We start with a homepage & a child page most webpages will follow this format with the exception of the contact page & maybe blogs.


We then migrated to UI/UX visuals to get a more detailed & branded look & feel of the project approved by the client, we develop & share these in the cloud so that we can share weblink that the client will be able to see the visuals in a realistic environment.

This stage is very important as it wraps a visual interface around the wireframe structure that we had developed in Phase 2.


Once the client is happy with the direction that the website is going in & the colour scheme has been approved we then go into developing the website (In this case wordpress).

All the above phases are crucial in delivering a quality website that is both aesthetically pleasing & functional for the visitor.


We have touch-points all the way though the process so that we continually are liaising with the client while managing the project for them.

When we have the final website designed & all tweaks done on 1 device (Desktop | Tablet | Phone). We then start the process of optimising the website for all devices.


Test Test & more Tests, Yes we then take the website & do our device checking, so basically we will test the performance & layout of the website.

If we have designed the website with a desktop in mind we then test the website on a tablet & mobile phone & make any necessary css amends to tweak any glitches in the website.


Most importantly the website has to be reactive on all devices by reactive we mean speed & page load times need to be fast so we make any coding amends that might be needed to enhance the speed of the website to achieve optimal performance.


We develop all our websites in a staging environment so if your hosting platform doesn’t support a staging environment we will create one for website development.

Once we are happy & all the tests are done we will push the website live for the customer & there you have it a brand new web presence functional & fast.


If the client has chosen any other services from our skillset then we get about applying these.

So they might have chosen “Organic SEO” as a choice or “Google PPC” which we are certified to do also but whatever the needs are we are always here to help & get you the best functioning product possible.

André Clarke

Google | Adobe | Digital Marketing | Certified.
“I created Nuhouse Design to be able to provide a 1to1 approach to businesses that required a direct Point of Contact to ask questions & get instant answers. The skills I have adopted over my career put me in an ideal position to be able to offer a complete suite of advice & services to any company in any industry.”

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