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Website Design & Development

Wether you require a Bespoke Website Design or an off the shelf solution Nuhouse Design has a suite of skills to accommodate every request.
  • Meet Up with Our Web Team for a Design Brief.
  • Build Sitemap & Feature List.
  • Build Website Tracker for all Tasks to be managed.
  • Design the UI/UX look & feel of the New Website.
  • Setup a staging Environment for Development.
  • Design all Aspects of the New Website.
  • Optimise all Pages for Specific Keywords.
  • Launch New Website on Live Domain.
  • Monitor Your Analytics to Gauge the Success.

At Nuhouse Design our end goal is customer satisfaction, we work closely with all elements of the design & development process to make sure that we design a beautiful web presence & also a functional website.

It goes without saying that all our websites are built on a core responsive framework to deliver a website that is responsive to every device.

No matter what size the project we have the ability to take over websites or design from scratch.

Our robust procedures has handled any task that has been thrown at us to date…..

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Search Engine Optimisation & Pay Per Click

Some people require PPC to get there businesses in front of their potential customers, we would always advise on a fusion of both disciplines to create a more balanced & successful campaign.
  • Keyword Research & Keyword Bucket Generation.
  • Competitor Website & Keyword Analysis.
  • Organic Keyword Plan & Implementation.
  • Page & Image Optimisation for Specific Keywords.
  • Design & Sculpt Google Ads Campaigns.
  • Create Google Ad Groups & Ad Generation.
  • Install Conversion Codes to Track Campaign Success.
  • Monthly Reports to Gauge Campaign Success.

This area of partnership is a more longterm commitment than website design. We partner up with our customers to survey there online presence & understand the business space.

This involves a lot of research work on keywords that would be achievable targets & also keywords thatwe should not chase in the Organic marketplace.

Being Google Certified we are well placed to manage & advise on any adaptation of a current campaign or in the case where it is a new venture we take a holistic look at your business & build a comprehensive campaign to bring your business success….

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Digital Marketing Plan & Strategy

There are son many different platforms on the market today, which can sometimes be overwhelming. We are here to strip them right back & select the best platforms for you to engage with your customers.
  • Look at where the Business sits in the current Landscape.
  • Select the Platforms that we can Succeed with.
  • Devise a Marketing Strategy for the Business.
  • Implement the Digital Marketing Plan.
  • Monitor & Track the Success & Spend of the Campaign.
  • Produce Monthly Reports with Agreed Metricks.
  • Continually Tweak & Improve on Performance.

Every Digital Marketing Campaign we build is bespoke to each individual Customer, We look inside your Business to get a complete understanding of the products you sell & the Services you offer.

Through this understanding we can then formulate a Digital Marketing Strategy that will harness the power of all the selected networks.

We Continually Monitor the metricks that each network return to be able to tweak all Campaigns to Harness & Engage the Networks.

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André Clarke

Google | Adobe | Digital Marketing | Certified.
“I created Nuhouse Design to be able to provide a 1to1 approach to businesses that required a direct Point of Contact to ask questions & get instant answers. The skills I have adopted over my career put me in an ideal position to be able to offer a complete suite of advice & services to any company in any industry.”

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